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  "Bryce Clifford & Brother Superior put the song back at the center of rock and roll.  If they were hair-rock assholes, they would be cranking out passionate Americana anthems that blare from the car windows of teenagers across the states. But Clifford's indie-rock influence and post-punk attitude bring us a much more interesting and nuanced approach to songwriting.  

  These musicians bring with them influences of blue-grass, classical, honky-tonk, old school soul… name it - you might hear it. That said, a Bryce Clifford & Brother Superior set is dominated with driving melodic rock songs that get stuck in your head, are played with joy, and have a touch of nostalgia that feels right and hits home." - Maydee Distefano

Film and TV credits include MTV, CBS, Syfy Channel, Bravo Canada, The CW, and 2017 Austin indie-film "Here We Are" (Austin Film Festival, New Jersey Film Fest Winner,  Oaxca Mexico Film Fest Winner)  

"Heavy hitting band with rueful and acerbic lyrics and bar room scarred vocals.”

- NOW Magazine, Toronto 

Hail Tapes LP  - *9 of 10 stars. "The penultimate track 'Last Call in the Northeast’ with it's haunting harmonica, guitar and lyrics clearly shows that they have the talent to make their mark. A very impressive record."

- Andy Riggs, Americana UK

"Standout track ‘I Wanna Buy A Condo  Downtown’  rides a slow wrecking ball of alternative post-punk imbued with bellowing baritone sax”

- Kevin Curtin, The Austin Chronicle

"You need hear Clifford's music.  You’ll be surprised  by the unexpected directions it will take you and the musical pictures it paints, often filled with dark texts. ”

- Freddy Celis, ROOTSTIME  Belgium

"1 of 15 Artists to Catch at North By Northeast Festival”

- Richard Flohil, Canadian guru 

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